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Where do I find Inspiration for my home renovation?

I’m starting a renovation project but not sure where to find inspiration..”

Where do you look to find inspiration for your home renovation?

It's simple....

The internet has it all!

There are many platforms, blogs and apps out there that have amazing content for inspiration that cater to all tastes and styles.

Whether you want gothic, shabby chic, minimalistic or cosy grandma. Or you want an open plan kitchen diner with skylights, or you’re building another bathroom upstairs by reducing a bedroom size. Chances are you will be able to find huge amounts of visual guidance and websites to help you when you browse the internet.

Here’s a few platforms I recommend:

It’s great for everything and has so many pages dedicated to interior designs. People share their renovation mood boards and design features. You can follow people for inspiration and create an idea board for yourself where you can chop and change as you browse.

My personal favourite! It’s like Pinterest but the advanced version for interior design. And what’s best, it’s super easy to use. Simply get inspired and create boards for every room you are renovating!

Instagram and traditional magazines are also a must.

There are so many options when it comes to magazines. The great thing about them is that they are very informative with article upon article about design features, do’s and don’ts and images to capture your imagination for your renovation.

Instagram is one of the main platforms where designers, enthusiasts, bloggers and professionals all showcase their work and give advice. What’s amazing about Instagram is that you can get inspired from a first time renovator with their DIY tricks or understand more complex design tactics that designers use to maximise space available and lighting for example. Everyone is on Instagram! There are thousands of people sharing their experiences, designs and ideas for you to get inspiration from! It’s really important you use this platform to engage, ask questions and of course get inspired!

So what’s next?

Once you have an idea of what you like, write down the things you’ve learnt and apply them to your ideas. Make a list of all the features you want, are unsure of and work towards the costing and the layout to fit your space.

Advice from Yours Truly

It’s easy to get OVER inspired and fixate on a theme or a colour. Remember if you’re going for bold – don’t be blindsided and go over the top either.

For example – Although Tartan was in fashion at the time of your renovation, having your feature walls, curtains, carpets AND sofas all tartan printed can be a tad overboard. Keep it simple and cost effective!

In my opinion sofas, carpets and walls should be neutral as they are a big cost (and hassle) to change once your love for tartan wears off. Curtains, cushions and small accessories such as throws can be used and changed at a cost effective way and with almost no hassle. However, it all depends on your taste and your ongoing budget. If you want to go all out – go for it! It’ll probably be a great party conversation at your next dinner. But for me as an expert in design:

Less is more sometimes!


Trends within the layout are also a great inspiration. Open plan kitchen diners are super hot nowadays as they are great for the modern family to connect in the living space. But these features have to be practical too. Knocking down walls and wanting skylights is all very good if you have the right sort of space to develop in the first place. Always consult with an architect as they’ll be able to let you know what you can and cannot do depending on the structure of your house. You ultimately want what you dream of but with it adding to your property value – not the opposite.

Check out my youtube channel for inspiration and advice.


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