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MUST HAVE OR WASTE OF MONEY? Electric Under Floor Heating

Majority of the time, if you’re building a ground floor extension or a new build, you would opt to install a wet under floor heating system. This is basically having pipes running beneath the concrete that will heat your flooring and eliminate the need for radiators.

But under some circumstances, you may not be able to opt for a wet system. Maybe you’re just doing a simple renovation or just installing a new bathroom / kitchen. You can have electric under floor heating which is laid beneath your flooring. You might notice that many of the tile shops sell electric matting systems.

I’ve always known the ‘Warmup’ brand but now there are many other makes on the market at different price points and features. When selecting your under floor heating, ask a tile sales person or your tiler to help you calculate the amount you need and the wattage required for your area.

The systems are available in a matting format and also as loose cables. There is a price difference between the 2 but by far, the matting system is the easiest to lay. You can also get foil systems which are ideal for under vinyl or carpet.

The systems have controls which allow you to do the basics of change the temperature and turn it on and off. Advanced controls include touch screen, connection to your smart phone, control via bluetooth, Alexa etc.

1.Thermoflex have a cost effective loose cable system. A way to save money but I would aim to go for a matting system if you can. It doesn’t have a fancy control but does the job and comes with a 15year guarantee. Thermoflex have matting systems with more advanced control systems.

2. Warmup is definitely an efficient and cost effective system. Easy to lay, a lifetime warranty and digital controls.

3. Rayotec is another brand in the UK that have a German engineered system. I love their website as they also state the type of matting to install if you have flooring such as Karndean, tiles or carpet. They also have a matting system and loose cables.

4. Prowarm is a brand that is readily available at most shopping sites such as Amazon or through retailers such as Tile Giant and Wickes. It comes with a lifetime guarantee and seems to be the leading brand in UK.

If you are planning on laying tiles on your kitchen or bathroom floor, honestly, walking on a warm floor that takes the chill off the room is a cost effective luxury to have.

For me, this is a must have by having an even distribution of heat and avoid the need of radiators.


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