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If I was renovating my kitchen and had the budget to include one of these, Hot Water Taps would be on the top of my priority list.

So What Are The Benefits Of Hot Water Taps?

Now let’s have a think about how many times you fill the kettle and switch it on for making a cuppa or for use in cooking. I can easily fill my kettle up over 10 times in the day. And let’s not forget the amount of water we waste when we throw the remaining water down the sink, rinse the kettle to get rid of the limescale floating on the surface and then have to descale it too. The polished chrome surface now looks like it has a lime wash on it as the hard water stains are even more difficult to shift.

The hot water taps on the market come in various forms. The latest trend is the all-in-one solution where you get your hot, cold and boiling water from one tap. This means we don’t have too many tap holes around the kitchen sink and only the one tap to clean.

Here are my opinions on a few of the all-in-one solutions:

1. Zip Water – Let’s start with the top of the range and state of the art brand that initially started with hot water systems for the office and commercial sector. Comes with an adjustable boiling temperature 100-68C. Their Hydrotap all-in-one version starts in excess of £3200 with touch screen and pin code protection. Other ranges include filtered and sparkling water.

2. Quooker – My personal favourite. An ex-employee of Unilever came up with the concept back in 1970 and the first Quooker (Quick – Cooker) was launched in 1992. The all-in-one tap is available in a round and square design starting at £1420 for a 7 litre tank. The image below shows the Flex which has a pull out hose, perfect for cleaning your sink.

3. Blanco – Known best for their kitchen sinks, they have now introduced one hot water tap in their collection too. The TAMPERA is priced at approx £1400. It’s not as pleasing as Quooker and doesn’t have any special features.

4. Franke – Another popular brand known for their kitchen sinks. They have 2 ranges of hot water taps; Omni & Minerva. Their style is different and they also come in many trending finishes including copper (which looks a bit like rose gold). Also available in an electronic version. Price for the Minerva is £999 with a 4.7l tank.

The prices above are an indication and may vary. You may need to speak to your kitchen supplier for more details or research the brand websites for the full range.

Information correct as of 8th January 2021


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