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Who doesn’t like having warm plates at dinner time just like we get in the restaurants? Now this is just one of the key functions you have with warming drawers. But is it worth the investment or just something to show off to your friends?

So What Are The Benefits Of Warming Drawers?

Warming drawers are made in 2 common heights. When added to your wall mounted appliances, it usually sits beneath your built-in microwave / steam unit so the total height of the microwave plus the warming drawer will equal the height of the oven when it is sitting side by side. You can also design the warming drawer beneath your coffee machine which is perfect for holding your coffee cups and saucers.

Some of the features of a warming drawer include plate warming, defrosting, slow cooking and even dough proofing. Now, if you have already chosen which brand to purchase for your kitchen, the chances are they may have a few options of warming drawers for you to choose from.

A few key features to look out for when selecting your warming drawer:

Maximum Load – This determines how much weight the warming drawer can hold. The higher the weight capacity, the more plates you can warm at once.

Capacity – Not to be confused for maximum load but this is the capacity of the actual warming drawer.

Features – Look into the extra features the warming drawer has.

Once you get into a habit of using the warming drawer for warming your plates, keeping food warm and proofing your dough, you’ll probably wonder how you lived without it.

Now let’s talk about a few brands on the market.

1. Miele – Referred to as Gourmet Drawers, ranging from £1299 – £1299 for the 14cm height. They come handleless for a streamline look, push open drawer, touch control and with a low temperature setting perfect for slow cooking.

2. Whirlpool – A very sleek style in black glass. They only have 1 type in their range which is available from online sites for £390.

3. Bosch – £379 – £519 for their single height drawers. Special features they highlight include easy clean and push-pull mechanism. Neff brand functions are the same as Bosch.

4. AEG – Up to £670 price range, with push pull drawer, clean look and standard features.

So is this appliance a must have or a waste of money? If you have the space in your kitchen and a budget that allows for it, give it a go.


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