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(and I’m not talking about the ones you eat) – Open plan kitchen areas and breakfast bars are the ideal space for entertaining, socialising, having breakfast or even your family dinners.

Once you have identified what type of eating habits you want in your new kitchen space, it will determine the type of breakfast bars seating you will want.

We have the common 3 heights of eating in the kitchen:

  1. Dining height – this could be as a separate dining table or a lowered seating area attached to your island.

  2. Worktop height – an extension of your kitchen worktop with space beneath for your legs. Kitchen bar stools are right for this design.

  3. Bar height – a raised section of your island often in a different material to your main kitchen worktop. Bar stools are right for this design.

If you’re after comfort, eating dinner and space to allow the kids to do their homework, dining height is probably ideal. Grabbing a quick cup of coffee, hanging out with the girls in the kitchen or munching on your ‘get up and go’ breakfast then opting for worktop or bar height is better.

If you plan on tapping on the laptop in the kitchen then think about the height at the dining table or worktop height.

Some larger spaces may have a separate dining table plus additional seating at the island but before making this decision, have a think about how you wish to entertain, eat and socialise in your kitchen space.

I have some clients who went full out with their breakfast bar, splashed out on comfy bar stools and have never used them. The breakfast bar became the latest dumping ground so never ended up being the place to have a cup of coffee or sit and eat.


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