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We have talked about internal doors so now let us discuss door handles.

The same applies to choosing the door handle just like selecting the internal doors. You need to look out for the following:

Type of handle

You can have a rose, a lever backplate or a door knob. A rose is the round or square plate as shown below (on right) whereas the lever plate is shown on the left. When choosing your handles, depending on which room it is for have a think if you need a bathroom lock or a key lock as these will need to be placed beneath the rose handle. The lever plate handles have the locks combined in the same plate. Door knobs are great for statement double doors.

The finish

We are spoilt for choice with the finishes of the door handles. Chrome is still quite common but personally I rather not have a door handle which gets covered with finger prints and needs polishing every day. A satin option is preferred but whichever finish you opt for, you may want to match your lighting switch to your door handle. The more recent trends is matt black, bronze and antique brass finishes. It really depends on your interiors and preference.


Just like everything else, costs vary massively for door handles but it’s not just the handle that needs costing for. We also have to take into account the hinges, latches, locks and other accompaniments such as doorstops. The unusual finishes are generally more costly than the standard chrome. As a rule of thumb, I average £30-60 per door just for the ironmongery which covers the handle, hinges, locks etc.

To Give You An Example:

Door handle – £12 / pair Hinges (pair) – £3.50 Bathroom lock – £8 Bathroom turn & release – £9 Total £32.50 – this is for chrome. The equivalent in a black nickel finish is £45 The equivalent in a matt bronze finish is £84

Remember when you’re budgeting for your doors and handles, it may be worth doing a cost comparison between the various finishes. The above is purely an example using an online site to show the cost differences between finishes for a like for like spec.


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