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Why Hire a Renovations Designer?

One question I’m asked all the time is ‘Why hire a renovations designer’.

Today, I wanted to share the answer and hopefully save a few of you some trouble! If you’re embarking on your own home renovation project, you might need some form of guidance along the way.

My last 10 years of experience is more around the building aspects of the home. Therefore I call myself a Renovations Designer or an Interior Architect. My role is to focus more on ensuring your designs, schedules and product selections are selected within enough time for your builder to fly through the renovation process with ease.

Here are the 5 top reasons why you should hire a renovations designer:

  1. They are an expert in the industry – They know the ins and the outs and everything in-between.

  2. They have many contacts with supplier and trades people. Save yourself the time and the extra hassle of finding good suppliers and tradespeople.

  3. It can save you time and money in the long run. They do this for a living and can provide and manage accurate timeframes and budgets.

  4. You can use their supplier trade discounts – They can get you a good deal!

  5. The ideal person to bounce ideas and brainstorm with them. If you’re uncertain of anything they are the perfect person to brainstorm with . They can paint the picture for you!

So, if you’re planning a large renovation project or building a new house. Make a plan of the areas you need help with and ask for help.


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